Spray tan.

You want a nice color, but you don’t want to do a sunbed cure. And you don’t like a self-tanners either. Come along for a spray tan. You’re outside again with a nice color. Make an appointment now in our salon.

Responsible products

Also at spray tan we work with responsible products. We use the Eco Tan from Eco by Sonya Driver. This spray tan is made from certified biological substances. The spray does not contain any harmful substances. Moreover, the products of Eco by Sonya Driver are never tested on animals.

Before treatment

There are a number of things to consider before the treatment:

  • Scrub your skin about 24 hours before the treatment. A spray tan colours the upper layer of your skin. This consists largely of dead skin cells, which you lose continuously. After about ten days, these cells have disappeared from your body and you have lost your colour. If you scrub your skin before the treatment, you will lose as many dead skin cells as possible, so that the color remains longer. Make sure that the scrub is oil-free. Otherwise your skin will be too greasy during the treatment and the spray tan will not pick up well. This can give a spotty result.
  • You can shave or epilate up to eight hours before the treatment.
  • Sports, swimming and showering can be done up to one hour before treatment. The spray adheres best to slightly acidic skin.
  • If you also want to have your hair coloured or have a manicure or pedicure done, do it for the spray tan.
  • Do not use body lotion, cream or perfume on the day of the spray tan. This causes the spray to not catch well in some places. The result then becomes spotty.
  • Wear loose and dark clothing to your appointment. The spray tan gives off some. The stains just go out in the laundry, but that way you don’t run any risk.
  • Do not wear make-up when you come to the salon for the spray tan. This causes the spray tan to not catch well on those spots. Mascara and eye pencil can be left in place if you want.

The treatment

During the treatment you may wear underpants if you like. Make sure the bottoms are cut high up, so you don’t see any lines in a bikini. The beautician then sprays a fine mist over your skin with a special spraytanning device. The treatment itself takes about ten minutes. After that the spray needs to dry a little bit.

After treatment

In order to enjoy your colour for as long as possible, you should take a few things into account after the treatment:

  • Wait at least six hours before taking a shower after having a spray tan done.
  • Do not use any body lotion, deodorant, make-up or other care products during the first six hours after the treatment. Lipstick, mascara and eyeliner can be used.
  • The first hours after the spray tan it is better not to wear a bra. Stripes may appear at places where the fabric is tight on your skin. Therefore you should also wear underpants that are not too tight.
  • Make sure you don’t start sweating too much immediately after the spray tan. For example, by exercising or by doing heavy physical work.
  • If you take a shower, the water may turn brown. This is due to excess spray. You don’t have to worry about washing your tan off. For a longer retention of your colour, use mild cleaning products without oil or soap.
  • Do not scrub your skin until the colour of your tan itself fades. By scrubbing your tan disappears faster.
  • After showering, pat your skin dry. Too fanatic dry rubbing also makes your spray tan fade faster.
  • You can just swim or go to the sauna. Your colour will fade a little faster.
  • Hydrate your skin well, this will keep your color longer. Use a good oil-free body lotion twice a day. Fats reduce the duration of the spray tan. Do you doubt which products are suitable? Then ask the beautician for advice.
  • Do not spray perfume directly on your skin after a spray tan. The alcohol in the perfume can cause stains.

The result

The result of the spray tan is an even and natural tan. The effect is also greater than that of a self-tanner, because the concentration of the active ingredient in the spray is much greater than in a self-tanner. And because a specialist applies the spray with a special device, you are assured of an even result without stains. That can sometimes go wrong with a self tanner.

You keep your colour for about seven to ten days. The spray tan colours the upper skin layer, which consists mainly of dead skin cells. This layer is constantly renewing itself. Your color disappears with that old skin layer. You can’t wash the spray tan off your skin. Use a mild cleaning product without soap and oil. This prevents stains in your tan.

To have longer fun with your color, you can scrub your skin well in advance. After the treatment it is better not to do that for a while. It also helps if you moisturise your skin twice a day with a product without oil.

A spray tan for your wedding day or other special occasion

Would you like to have your spray tan done for a special moment? For example, for your wedding or when you go to a party? Schedule your appointment two to three days before this date. The spray tan is at its best after two or three days and you run absolutely no risk of getting stains in your clothes.

Would you also like to have your hair coloured or have a manicure or pedicure done for this day? Plan that for your spray tan. By washing your hair and exfoliating and washing your hands and feet, the colour can fade in these areas.

Benefits spray tan

A spray tank has many advantages over a tanning cure or just sunbathing:

  • You do not have an increased risk of skin cancer.
  • Your skin does not age.
  • It does not damage your skin. Eco Tan from Eco by Sonya Driver is hypoallergenic and even light caring.
  • It does not dry out your skin.
  • It is ideal for people with sun allergies. Because Eco Tan is hypoallergenic, it is even suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • You do not suffer from spotty browning due to uneven distribution of pigment in your skin.
  • You don’t burn by the spray tan. Be careful when you go in the sun afterwards. Spray tan does not protect your skin from UV radiation. Always lubricate a good sun protection, even if you have a spray tan done. We advise to use a minimum factor of 30.
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