Hair treatments

Sometimes your hair or scalp needs some extra attention and care. Come to our salon and treat yourself to one of our Aveda Hair Treatments.

Aveda Scalp Pramāsana Treatment

This treatment focuses entirely on the care of your scalp.

We start the treatment with a massage with the Exfoliating Scalp Brush. This brush is specially designed to release accumulations of impurities. These impurities are then removed with the Purifying Scalp Cleanser. We massage your scalp with this cleanser. This not only removes the impurities, it also brings sebum production back into balance. This in turn makes your hair less greasy. We conclude the treatment with the Nourishing Scalp Masque. This mask nourishes and cares for your scalp. And it gives a wonderfully fresh feeling.

Botanical Hair Therapy

This treatment is very suitable for dry or damaged hair. It also cares for your scalp.

We start with a scent journey. We let you smell different oils. You choose the one that appeals to you most. We use these during the treatment. The next step is a short scalp massage. Then we wash your hair with the Aveda shampoo that is most suitable for your hair type. We end the treatment with a hair mask. We also adapt this mask to what your hair needs.

Intensive Mask with Micro fog

This is the ultimate conditioning treatment for your hair.

We start the treatment with a wash. Afterwards we apply an Avedahairmask. Which mask we use depends on your hair type and the condition of your hair. Then we put you under the Micro Mist. This is a Japanese invention. The system sprays the water. Not by heating it, as is the case with steam. The advantage is that the water particles are much smaller and lighter. This makes it easier for them to penetrate the hair. They take the care mask with them. The mask penetrates deeper into the hair and can therefore do its job better. Because the mist is colder than steam, it is less harmful to your hair. After the treatment your hair is deeply cared for and nourished. 

Every treatment an experience