Hair color.

Our colour specialist will colour your hair. He followed special trainings with Aveda and other hairdressers in America to achieve the best results with the Aveda colorings. And every year, our colour specialist returns to America once or twice a year for further training. Your hair is in good hands with him.

Tailor-made colour advice

A hair colour treatment always starts with a tailor-made colour advice. You can choose between a permanent or semi-permanent colouring. The permanent staining lasts longer than the semi-permanent. But whatever kind of colour you choose, you always get a sparkling, bright colour with full grey coverage.

Unique hair coloring

We mix our colourings for you personally. We look at what really suits you. On your skin, on your eyes and on your character. We do not use standard pots. Your Avedahair colouring is always unique.

Aveda Haarkleuringen bij Aveda Salon Different Hair Skin Body in Tilburg

Natural hair dye

Avedahair colouring does not damage your hair. In contrast, they take care of your hair and make it shiny. That’s because of the natural ingredients. Both our permanent and semi-permanent colourings are made from plant extracts and organic oils. It does not include petroleum-based chemicals. This not only gives your hair a beautiful color, it also makes your hair healthier.

Aveda Full Spectrum permanent hair coloring

97% of this colouring consists of naturally extracted dyes. It is made of jojoba, castor plant and sunflower.

Aveda Color Treatment temporary hair coloring

This colouring consists for 99% of naturally extracted dyes. Lavender is one of the ingredients. This coloring not only gives a beautiful color to your hair, it also improves the structure.  He stays in your hair until 10 washes.

Aveda Full Spectrum Deep Hair Colouring

96% of this colouring consists of naturally extracted dyes. Aveda developed this coloring especially for natural highlights in the hair to make.

Aveda Full Spectrum Deep Haarkleuring

Aveda Men Gray Blending

This hair color is perfect if you prefer not to have your hair dyed, but would like your gray hair to stand out less. The coloring remains in your hair for up to 6 weeks.

Aveda Blond Finish

This coloring gives your blonde hair a beautiful glow. For example ash, gold or beige. With this treatment you can also freshen up your balayage and highlights beautifully.

Every treatment an experience