Resin and epilation.

The most common methods used to remove hairs are waxing and epilating. We remove hairs on your face by means of epilation or waxing. We always remove body hair by means of resins. Make an appointment directly for epilation or waxing in our beauty salon.

Remove hairs from the face

Disturbing hairs in your face, you want to get rid of them. Our beauticians remove them with resins or epilating.

Epilation can be done to the exact hair. However, it takes longer to remove hair from a larger area. With waxing you remove many hairs in one go, but it is difficult to grab every hair with it. That is why the beautician often combines these two techniques to get the best result.


The following parts of your face are suitable for waxing:

  • upper lip
  • cheeks
  • chin
  • eyebrows


Parts of your face that you can have epilated are:

  • eyebrows
  • upper lip
  • chin


To complete your eyebrows after epilation, ask our beautician to dye them. You can also have your lashes dyed with us.

Resin body

If you would like to have parts of your body depilated, you can contact us to have them waxed. Body parts can be waxed with us:

  • thighs
  • lower legs
  • armpits
  • needy
  • bikini line
  • back

You are also welcome to visit us for a Brazilian wax.

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