Brazilian Wax.

With a full Brazilian wax, the beautician removes all hairs in the pubic area and around your anus. Your pubic area consists of your venus hill, your vagina and the perineum. After a full Brazilian wax you don’t have to worry about hairs coming from under your briefs anymore. You get a bikini line with a soft skin, without irritations.

Besides the complete Brazilian wax, you can also choose to keep a dash of hair on your Venus hill.

Before treatment

For a Brazilian Wax, your hairs should not be too short. From half a centimetre we can wax the hairs. Keep this in mind and don’t shave yourself short before the appointment.

Scrub your skin one or two days before the treatment. This reduces ingrown hair.

Also make sure your skin is not burned. Resins can damage burnt skin.

On the day of treatment, do not use any body lotion or shower cream on the skin that you have waxed. This can cause the resin not to get on your skin.

The treatment

Before she waxes, the beautician disinfects your skin and hair. Then she lubricates the warm resin with a spatula on the area to be depilated. And then the time has come to remove the resin and hairs. It can be a bit painful, but that’s all over.

The treatment lasts a maximum of 45 minutes in total.

After treatment

  • For the first 24 hours after the treatment, do not go with your skin in the sun or use a good sunblock. The chance is high that the UV rays cause hyperpigmentation. These are permanent dark spots on your skin.
  • Make sure you don’t sweat too much, for example by hard work or sports.
  • Do not use a sauna, steam room or whirlpool for the first 24 hours after the treatment. Prefer a cool shower or go swimming.
  • Do not wear tight, synthetic clothing. This can cause ingrown hairs and small inflammations.
  • Regular waxing helps the skin get used to this treatment and minimizes the risk of irritation.

The result

The skin of most women reacts well to a Brazilian wax. However, you may experience short-term redness and sensitivity.

Because heat stimulates hair growth, you can enjoy your Brazilian wax longer in winter than in summer. But generally speaking, after the first treatment you don’t need to rehair until after three to six weeks, depending on the speed of your hair growth. Up to one or two weeks after the treatment you will not feel any hair growth at all. In the third or fourth week the first hairs become palpable and visible again. Sometimes hair breaks down during treatment. These are already becoming visible again earlier.

Brazilian wax for the holidays

Many women want a Brazilian wax for a holiday, so they don’t have to remove hair themselves during the holiday. If you want to go on holiday hairless, an appointment two or three days in advance is ideal. Your hair follicles are given time to recover before going into bikini. This reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and small inflammations. Because the hairs only become visible again after three or four weeks, a holiday of a few weeks is a great way to get through without having to work with a razor blade yourself.

Make an appointment on time, especially during the holiday period. It is then very busy in our beauty salon, because many women want a Brazilian wax. It is ideal to call two to three weeks before you want to make an appointment. From then on, you can also let your hairs grow so that they are long enough to wax.

Painful or not

Many women are a little hesitant about the pain of a Brazilian wax, to say the least. It is indeed not painless. But many women say afterwards that the pain was less severe than they had expected. How painful the treatment is, you can influence a little yourself.

You experience pain less intense when you are relaxed yourself. So try to be as relaxed as possible during the treatment. Breathe well and do not cramp. Your cycle also influences how you experience the pain. The week after your period is the most ideal.

The beautician pays close attention to how you are doing during the treatment. If she feels it will be too much for you, she will discuss with you if and how the treatment can continue. 

First time Brazilian wax

Having a Brazilian wax done for the first time is not just anything. You don’t let the slightest part of your body be depilated. We understand very well that you are a little nervous the first time. Tell us about this when you make the appointment. Our beautician does her best to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible.

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