LPG Endermology.

LPG Endermology strengthens the skin and improves blood flow and circulation of lymphatic fluid. This improves the elasticity of your skin and reduces cellulite. The treatment was developed in 1986. Thanks to the good results, the treatment is still very popular.

Deep massage

The LPG Endermology Cellu M6 treatment consists mainly of depth-massage. The massage sucks in your skin and the underlying connective tissue and makes a rolling movement. This relaxes your connective tissue and loosens fat deposits. Because the circulation of lymphatic fluid also improves, waste products are disposed of faster. The oxygen supply to these cells also improves. In addition, the production of collagen is stimulated. All this results in a smoother, softer skin with better elasticity. The areas of your body that you have had treated are also becoming slimmer.

Endermology is not painful. The treatment is even very relaxing.

When endermology Endermology works well:

  • cellulite
  • riding breeches: fat deposits on the hips
  • fat deposits in other parts of the body
  • sagging skin
  • edema
  • before or after liposuction

When no endermology

There are situations where it is better not to undergo endermology:

  • if you are ill;
  • If you have cancer;
  • if you are pregnant.

Endermology also does not work with a number of medicines:

  • cortisone (hormone ointments)
  • aspirins
  • blood thinners
  • antibiotics
  • antidepressants

Endermology and nutrition

With endermology you can achieve great results. You just have to want to do something for it yourself. Adjusting your diet, for example. The effects of endermology are negated by, for example, coffee and sugary drinks and by poor eating habits in general. The pill and menopause can also have a negative influence on the treatment. Negative emotions such as stress, sadness or fear can make the treatment less effective.

If you book an endermology course, we expect you to be motivated to adjust things in these areas as well.

Construction treatments

You undergo endermology as a cure. During the treatments you will wear a special suit. This suit you buy yourself once from us. So you wear your own suit with every treatment. In about 35 minutes the therapist massages the areas you want to tackle. For example back, belly, hips, buttocks, thighs or arms.

In the first six to eight sessions the therapist mainly loosens the skin layers. Your skin may feel a little looser after these sessions, but as the treatment progresses, your skin becomes tighter and firmer. From about the tenth treatment you will see results.

For the first ten sessions you come to the salon twice a week. Each treatment will continue for about 72 hours, so we advise you to plan three days between treatments. From the eleventh treatment you will only come once a week. After the treatment we recommend that you have a maintenance treatment once a month to maintain the results.

Number of treatment

How many treatments you need to achieve optimal results depends on the areas you want to tackle and your weight. If you are heavier, you need more treatments before you see the difference. In general, about fifteen to twenty treatments are needed to achieve a good result.


You can also choose for lypomassage. Also then you will wear a special suit, which you buy once from us. With this treatment, the therapist works 20 minutes on one zone. Because we check on one zone, you need fewer treatments before you achieve a good result. Depending on the zone and your symptoms, you only need six to eight treatments.

Every treatment an experience