Head and body massage.

Would you like to clear your head? Just a moment for yourself? Or do you want to massage a specific muscle group? Then come to our salon for a head or body massage. After the massage you will be relaxed and you can get back to it.

Make an appointment for a massage directly. Discuss your wishes and any complaints with the spam officer. She indicates which treatment is best suited to this.

Head massage

This massage lasts 30 minutes.

The spam worker massages your scalp and face.

Body massage

You can choose a massage of 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Before she starts the massage, the employee will ask about your wishes and any complaints. Together you determine what the treatment will look like. You can choose a gentle, relaxing massage. Or you can opt for a massage that works deeper into the muscles. This is very nice if you feel a lot of tension in your muscles or if you suffer from a blockage in a muscle.

This massage can also be combined with the Shirodhara.

Every treatment an experience