Hair styles, relaxing and perming

Do you have slap in your hair, but would you rather see it all in style? Or do you think curls are okay, but do you think your own curls are too small? Or do you have too few curls to please you? Then you can turn to Different Hair Skin Body for a transformation, as it is called. With one of our treatments we change the structure of your hair for a longer period of time.

Momoko Permanent Straightening

This treatment is also known as the Japanese hair straightener. With this treatment our hairdresser makes your hair style and soft without you having to use your straightener every day. You can choose for different end results: super shiny or more natural, where we especially prevent fluff. Thanks to the Momoko treatment you will even get through a humid day with a beautiful coupe. Handy in the rainy Netherlands, but also for your summer holiday.

Momoko is suitable for most hair types, both European and Asian. You can also choose this treatment if your hair is coloured, bleached or damaged. Of course we will also give you extensive advice for this treatment.

Hair that has been treated with Momoko, remains style. Only here, as with coloured hair, you also have to deal with outgrowth. You have to update it. How often that is necessary depends on your hair type and how fast your hair grows. In general, you should repeat the treatment every 4 to 9 months for a lasting result.

Momoko Permanent Straightening

Hair relaxing

Besides the Momoko we also offer other treatments to style your year. Ask us about the possibilities.

Haar relaxing


If you want curly hair, but you find your own curl too small, then the Curly treatment is for you. With this treatment we enlarge your natural curl. To do this, we first smooth your hair. Then we apply new, larger curls. The end result is a beautiful bunch of curls, which is also manageable.

Permanent, straightenen en relaxen bij Aveda Salon Different Hair Skin Body in Tilburg

Black hair

Since 1997 we are specialized in black hair. More and more customers are opting for a relaxation treatment or Curly in recent years. And these are not only customers of African, Surinamese or Antillean origin. Also customers with European roots and small curls can come to us for a treatment.

The transformation treatments for black hair are intensive and ask quite a bit of your hair. That’s no problem if you use the right care products. Of course we will advise you on which products are most suitable for your hair and which best fit the treatment you have had done.

Black hair


If you want a bunch of curls, but of yourself style hair or just have some stroke, then you can come to us for a permanent. You can choose between a very strong curl or a slightly larger one. Or just some support. Of course we will give you advice on what is possible with your hair before the treatment.

For permanent work we work with the products of Zotos. This is the American specialist in the field of permanent.

Volume Secret

Do you have fine hair and would you like a bit more volume on top of your head? But don’t you like a permanent transformation? Then the Volume Secret is for you. The Volume Secret is a small piece of hair that you attach to your own hair with a clip system. You can easily hide the clips in your own hair, so you don’t see them. We advise you about the colour and we cut it where necessary, so that the hairpiece is naturally absorbed into your hair. The Volume Secret is suitable for the straightener. And you can easily apply it yourself at home and take it out of your hair.

Curious about the possibilities? Please contact us and make an appointment for a free consultation.

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