Body treatments.

The skin of your body may require a little extra attention from time to time. Different Hair Skin Body is the right place to be. Choose a Back Treatment if you want to have impurities removed from your back or the Shirodhara if you want to relax completely.

Aveda’s products are very mild. Our treatments are therefore also very suitable for people with sensitive skin.

See below which treatment suits you best and make an appointment. Or call us to discuss which treatment is suitable for you.

Back Treatment

The treatment lasts 45 minutes.

Do you suffer from pimples and other impurities on your back? Then come to our salon for a Back Treatment. This treatment restores the balance of the skin of your back, making impurities disappear.

First the beautician cleans your back. Afterwards a peeling follows and removes the beautician impurities. After this she applies a mask to your back. The treatment ends with a back massage.

Back Treatment

Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Wrap

The treatment lasts 75 minutes.

A fine treatment if you feel a little lifeless. After this treatment you are relaxed and fully charged again.

The coin activates your senses. Then the beautician scrubs your body. This is good for the blood circulation and it removes dead skin cells. After this she sprays a refreshing toning mist over your body. A heat pad on your back relaxes your muscles. The treatment ends with a massage of the back of the body. The beautician massages the seven acupressure points, allowing the energy to flow through your body again.

rosemary mint awaking body wrap - small

Aqua body polish

This treatment takes 60 minutes.

This full body scrub hydrates and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

You choose an oil with a fragrance that appeals to you and fits your skin’s needs. This mixes them with the body scrub, with which they smear your body. After exfoliating she places a steam tent over your body. The active ingredients from the scrub will thus attract better into your skin and the salt from the scrub dissolves. Your head stays outside the tent and is cooled with cold compresses. While steaming, the beautician massages your scalp.

Aroma Hydrotherapy Tub and Body Wrap

This treatment lasts 90 minutes.

You focus on your breathing, allowing both your body and mind to relax. With this scent journey, the beautician will let you smell different oils. You choose the one that appeals to you the most. She uses these during the treatment.

Then you get a total body scrub. Then you go 15 minutes in the hydrotub. That is a special bath. After the bath, the beautician will apply a body lotion to your body. She then applies a body wrap of cloths, so that the body lotion is better absorbed. During the body wrap that follows, you will get a scalp massage.


You can choose between 45 or 60 minutes of treatment.

This is a very fine treatment if you have a lot on your head. It lets you relax completely for a while. Ideal for stress, fatigue or burn-out. During the treatment, the beautician will pour warm oil over your forehead. She alternates this with scalp massages. After that you will get another foot massage. At the end of the treatment your hair is washed and dried.

The shirodhara can only be booked in combination with a body massage [link to body massage page]. This combination ensures optimal relaxation.

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